We operate globally, both onshore and offshore and provide a full range of pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning services to the pipeline, and process plant construction, commissioning and maintenance industries.

At Technixs, our Pipeline and Process Services offering covers the complete range of services required for a major project; pre-commissioning to maintenance.

We have our in-house personnel and equipment resources that are ready to provide you with all you need to initiate, sustain and increase production.

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Process Services

At Technixs, we  optimize utilization of people and equipment to improve plant efficiency.  

We offer you engineered solutions for precommissioning, commissioning, and maintenance shutdowns with specialized services for the process industries that help reduce project time, risk, and cost, meet your product purity specifications.

Purging basically is (usually atmospheric) displacement with nitrogen. Our various clients have requested for various services ranging from degassing, start up or shutdown purging or just to oxygen free certain vessels or pipelines.

We operate one of the most effective leak detection systems in the world. When a system is to be checked it is pressurised with a mixture of nitrogen and helium and allows us to detect ANY leak with our advanced sniffer.

Process systems operating at very high temperatures, reactors and turbines are known to take a long time to cool down before maintenance work can be done on them. Our cooling process with nitrogen at -196C accelerates cooling times quickly and efficiently.

For pipelines whose isolation valve has failed or those that or cannot be isolated easily for maintenance our Pipe Freezing solution allows isolation without decommissioning the entire system and protect the inert fluid in the pipeline.

This is involves the use of suitable chemicals in the cleaning of pipes and oil engineering machinery in new plants or in turnaround situations for optimum performance. It is necessary that preservation oils and lubricants are cleaned off in new plants with mill scale and rust cleaned in existing plants. This critical service prevents degredation and long term damage.

In hydraulic and lube oil systems, pipe and oil cleanliness is of great important as strong particles will cause a short life span of bearings and slides. Technixs hot oil flushing provides the service that ensures a high level of pipeline cleanliness thereby protecting equipment life.

Pipeline Services

We construct all types of pipelines; onshore and offshore. In addition to the actual pipeline engineering and construction, we provide the following services below;

It is of primary importance that pipeline integrity be tested before commissioning and this involves filling the line completely with water before pressurizing. Also specialized pigs are introduced to check the weld from the inside. Technixs provides such services with its specialized equipment to bring about the desired result.

Technixs provides quite a variety of pipeline cleaning techniques that cleans the pipeline to different specifications. Some pipelines require just the running of simple pigs, while others require more specialized cleaning.

A pipeline that has been cleaned and drained of the test water has to dry before putting it on service to avoid unwanted safety implications.  This can be done by the use of compressed dried air, nitrogen gas, or vacuum equipment. Technixs has a lot of experience in this as it has the necessary equipment to achieve the desired result.